Jewelry Care

Overlustre jewels are made entirely in Italy and are perfect to be worn for all occasions. All of our jewelry is made of different materials and has been created to a high standard, and is affordable and versatile.

•Wear your jewelry after applying makeup, lotions, hairspray, perfume, etc.
•Avoid wearing your jewelry in the bathroom or shower, remember that water, soap and other products could be your jewelry.
•Avoid wearing your jewelry in the pool, chlorine and salt water could damage your jewelry.
•Avoid exposing your jewelry to excessive humidity or sunlight.
•After each use, gently wipe with a soft jewelry cloth and keep safe.

Don't forget to treat them with love. Wear them! For gold and silver plated metals there may be some natural tarnishing over time. To reduce wear and tear, gently clean the jewelry with a soft cloth and store it in a dry place. Oxidation and discoloration are found during the oxidation process, when the metal comes in contact with air and acids through handling and moisture.

Overlustre recommends that you always store your jewelry individually, in the supplied box or in a single case to protect them, so that they do not rub together, scratch or tangle.